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THE GIOVANNI, CONFORT, AND BAMBINO are the perfect choices when you need rugged, low-cost chair shells. As with all of our chairs, the Giovanni, Confot, and Bambino are subjected to independent tests for strength and durability. Designed with high-use municipal arenas, stadiums, and challenging school gymnasiums in mind, the Giovanni, Confort, and Bambino shells will stand up to harsh weather, messy spills, and excited fans all while providing an ease of maintenance that your staff will appreciate. All three models feature drain holes and an oblong recess for seat numbering. A variety of mounting options are available including tread mounting, pole mounting, and cantilever mounting. UV additives and galvanized steel are available for those challenging outdoor applications, and custom plastic colors are available to match your teams colors.


  • Outdoor stadiums
  • Indoor arenas
  • School gymnasiums


  • Tread mounting
  • Pole mounting
  • Cantilever mounting


  • High impact injected molded polypropylene in ergonomic shape for comfort.
  • Can be treated with anti-static, anti-UV additives.
  • Drain hole and elliptical recess for number plate.
  • 14 gauge steel for floor tread mounting. Steel in various gauges for pole and cantilever mounting.
  • Tests: California TB-117 (133 optional), ASTM F-851 (impact and static)

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Giovanni/Confort/Bambino Product Sheet (PDF)


Booth Seating has been in the business of manufacturing, selling, installing, and refurbishing seating for theaters, churches, auditoriums, arenas, and home theaters since 1968. With seating projects all over North America, Africa, and Asia, we have become a recognized authority in the seating industry. Each theater, auditorium, and home theater seat order is built and finished to the customer’s or designer’s specifications. Our standard fabric is available in about 60 colors. We also offer leather, synthetic leather, and synthetic suedes, or you can supply your own fabric to achieve your own unique look. Spend a few moments with our line of chairs. We think you will be impressed.


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